Specialist consulting
and software integration company

If you want to build a ship, don't drum up the people to gather wood, divide the work, and give orders. Instead, teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea. /Antoine De Saint-Exupery

Over the last 12 months, 4c-it consultants have:

  • Built a world class system, for a large mailing house, that built upon and seamlessly integrated the GMC Inspire suite of products.
  • Focused tirelessly on developing a smart thinking, ideal system that delivered interfaces for multichannel, reporting, error tracking and stock management.
  • Began a large scale migration project, moving customers from old systems to GMC Inspire Designer.
  • Delivered a Disaster Recovery system for a prominent mailing house.
  • Developed, implemented and supported complex document composition applications in GMC Inspire Designer for a prominent mailing house.
  • Delivered in house documentation and training for our custom built systems and the GMC Inspire suite of products.
  • Developed and deployed common GMC Inspire Designer modules responsible for postal lookup, postal sorting and the printing of integrity marks for Intelmail and Pitney Bowes inserters.
  • Managed a proof of concept trial by a mailing house for the GMC products: Inspire Designer; Inspire Connect; Inspire Interactive; Inspire Approval and Inspire Automation.